8.1 Acre Property At the Cliffs
Lake Keowee, The Vineyards, SC

Your Choice - Lakeside or Mountain Top

The Cliffs at Lake Keowee – The Vineyards

Within the Vineyards Community, you have essentially two choices for the type of property on which you wish to create your dream home. And that is: Mountain Top or Lakeside. Both are wonderful at the Cliffs. Of course, only the Mountain Top properties provide the breathtaking views. This property is a mountain top 8.1 acre (3.3 Hectares) property which is itself hilly, covered in trees, and offers views over the Blue Ridge Mountains

Lake Keowee Location

It is within 5 minutes drive to the Club House, the Golf Course, Lake Keowee, and the Cliffs Community at this location. Keep in mind that there are 8 other Cliffs Communities sprinkled around both North and South Carolina. This location is on Lake Keowee. The lake is about 26 miles long, from 1 to several miles wide, and quite deep sometimes up to 200 feet deep. Lake Keowee is a pristine lake located mostly in South Carolina and offers all water sport activities imaginable. From the menu choices on the left side of this screen you can find movies showing various features of Lake Keowee.

European Buyers

We are a short hop across the pond most usually to Atlanta. From there the drive to the Cliffs at the Vineyards is about 1-1/2 hours. You can also fly your private aircraft into Greenville, South Carolina and then the drive to the Cliffs is about a half to three quarters of an hour. It is difficult to describe the Cliffs Golf Community at Lake Keowee (the Vineyards) in words, which is why we have included movies on this Website showing the area, the lake, the golf courses, and the nearby cities of Greenville and Ashville.

Middle East Buyers

Each part of the world has its own unique beauty and specialness. What we believe that buyers whose home-base is in the Middle East will find that adding a second (or third) home in the Cliffs Community is like the cherry on the dessert . Sure Switzerland and England provide wonderful beauty as well, but, this is new to you and the beauty goes beyond the words we attempt here. If you are from Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, or the United Arab Emirates then the contrast will excite you and make you want to build here as soon as you can. We know, we know, the Scottish have golf courses in the hills and mountains, but then, our Cliffs’ courses are off the scale of beautiful (and some say darned hard too!)

Favorable Exchange Rates To Non-US Buyers

We are not going overboard one bit to say that this area and the Cliffs Community itself are simply one of the most beautiful places on our earth. And, we suggest to European buyers that you enjoy (currently) something of an advantage in exchange rates which makes buying property for your home more reasonable than many other choices.


While golf is not the sole outdoor activity at the Cliffs by a long shot, nevertheless, golf is the center of attention at this community. The golf courses of the Cliffs Communities rank as some of the best designed and most beautiful anywhere in the world. A Golf Club membership at one facility includes visits to all the other Cliffs Communities sufficient to keep even the most ardent golfer quite busy visiting them all.

A Full Four Seasons Environment

The winters are mild, the summers are tempered by the mountains, the spring is just exciting, and the fall, well, the fall and the fall foliage are just plain off the charts!

Great Cities Nearby!

There are two wonderful small cities that you will love visiting and enjoy their restaurants. One is Asheville, NC show to the left and the other is Greenville, SC shown on the right. There are movies showing each on accessed by our main menu on the left side of your screen.







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